Pronounced: La-Mo-Ket

-French for "cloth made of wool"-

Through "la Moquette" we embrace the ethos that values authenticity and sustainability and our innate desire for tactile and genuine connections to the natural world.

  • Found Objects

    We are always on the hunt for unique and interesting pieces to use in unique and interesting ways.

  • Linen

    The enduring appeal, and ability to age gracefully, ensures that linen remains a perennial favorite, transcending fleeting trends to offer both aesthetic beauty and practical longevity.

  • Original Art

    A blend of emotion and skill manifesting as something truly one-of-a-kind.


The skinny bench

Handmade and unique.

Home Decor


Original Art

One of a kind, made just for you



Soulful Objects

Searched for and found.

Antiques and Found Objects

Home Fragrance