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14x31 Linen Eco Print Pillow

14x31 Linen Eco Print Pillow

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Introducing our Linen Eco Print Pillows, a homage to nature's beauty brought into your home. Crafted by delicately arranging real leaves and petals on fabric, these pillows capture the essence of the outdoors. Through a gentle steaming process, natural plant dyes are transferred onto the material, resulting in a stunning array of colors and patterns, each piece as unique as nature itself. Paired with a complementary colored backing, our Linen Eco Print Pillows feature a premium feather down filler for irresistible softness and comfort, inviting you to nestle in luxury.

Handcrafted with care in India, each pillow is a testament to artisanal expertise and eco-conscious design.

Care Instructions: Machine Wash Cold Separately.

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